Introduction to Goals & Strategy

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Think of this page as your platform’s homepage – the place where your users can go to understand more about your organisation’s vision, mission and innovation strategy and how they can get involved and come along with you the journey.

It’s the place where you get to ‘sell in’ your plans for how to make your organisation a more innovative place, and where you get to share exactly what you need from them to help you and your innovation team get moving in the right direction. 

What's next?

We recommend starting by outlining your vision and mission and innovation strategy on the Strategy tab. This can include details of what you need from your platform users, why innovation is important in your organisation, how you plan to use each module and why you’ve chosen our solution to help you innovate better. 

You can also upload a background image and a company logo from the "three dot" multi-action button in the top right corner. 

Then, from the Goals tab you can add in goals and subgoals to give your Solvers an understanding of what you are aiming towards as an organisation and help them to post ideas which align to these. To keep things manageable for you and your Solvers, we'd recommend between five to ten goals and up to five subgoals within each, but you can add as many as you wish.  

As with most content in an innovation platform, the quality of the output is going to depend on the quality of the input, so it’s worth spending time understanding what makes a great goal and how to articulate them to encourage maximum engagement from your audience.

Our article on how to set goals is a great place to start! 

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