An introduction to Tests

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The objective of Tests is to increase and confirm your understanding of how an opportunity could serve a customer need and create value for your business through a series of experimentations and learning. 


The solution guides you through an iterative process to mature an idea into an end-user and organisationally- validated Option that can be further invested in, developed and taken to market. The intention is through experiments, such as prototypes or Minimum Viable Products (MVP), you receive valuable end-user feedback as quickly as possible, guiding your development and helping to provide confidence that you are developing a ‘product’ that is both needed and valuable.  

Step by Step


Step 1: Envision your concept. Whether you've graduated an idea or starting from fresh, now is the chance to tell people the art of what is possible behind this idea, elaborate, set the vision and get them excited! 


Step 2: Invite your Team. Form the team that will explore, test and evolve this opportunity. 


Step 3: Start shaping. Work through our question-based blueprint to describe your opportunity and establish its business model. 


Step 4. Start testing. What assumptions have you made? Where are the biggest risks? Construct hypothesis around these, prioritise and design experiments (tests) to learn and de-risk. 


Step 5. Build. Measure. Learn. Conduct tests from interviews through to prototypes and minimum viable products (MVP) to build and learn to provide evidence-based fact. 


Step 6: Evaluate and refine. Playback your learnings and reshape your opportunity with every increasing fact-based evidence. 


Step 7: Keep iterating. Repeat until there is no further learning or only marginal gains to be made. 


Step 8: Persevere, Pivot, Kill. Whether as an individual, team, steering group or venture board review your learnings and decide whether to progress to the next cycle of evolution and learning (preserve), change direction and start a new test project (pivot) or stop (kill). 


Step 9: Submit for final validation. Optionally, seek your organisation’s expert view for independent opinion and then draw your conclusions. 


Step 10: Graduate to an Option ready for launch as a project, pivot and create a new test project or discontinue, archive and share your learnings. 

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